Friday, 2 December 2011

Christmas Flowers Poland - Do You Want More Turkey For Your Pound?

Research by online currency providers shows if your off to Turkey this Christmas, the Pound will go over 20% further this year than it did last.
Turkey is already a popular holiday destination with the British and every year, Istanbul plays host to one of the biggest New Year’s Eve celebrations in the world.
In the South West of Turkey, temperatures in December are between 10 and 23 degrees Celsius and easily warm enough to dine outside

christmas flowers poland might not be celebrated in Turkey but New Year certainly is.
So first off you have all the advantages of all amenities and tourist attractions being open with minimum queues. And then you have a fabulous celebratory atmosphere with the build up to New Year, including christmas flowers poland blogs trees and light decorations on the streets.
Each year, there are fantastic fireworks over the Bosphorus, the 20 mile straight that separates Europe and Asia, joining the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara.

It’s not just Turkey though, there are other great places where the Pound will stretch further. For example visit South Africa and you’ll get 15% more Rand this year; in India you will get 11% more rupees, in Poland the Zlotych will now go 10% further as will the Mexican Peso.
Stephen Heath, FairFX CEO says “This year has seen some major fluctuations in exchange rates and whilst some have levelled over the year, others have significantly weakened meaning the Pound Sterling goes a lot further in some Countries.
“If people are looking to get away then it is worth looking at which countries can offer you more for your money.”
MoneyHighStreet comments: “As with most purchases, personal finance or otherwise, it pays to do some research and shop around to get the best deal. It certainly sounds like Turkey has a lot to offer.
As well as picking the best destination, it’s essential that you also plan your overseas spending money. As part of this consider using a prepaid currency card or potentially enlist the help of a currency exchange broker.
Growing number of people are opting to use prepaid currency cards for their holiday money as they offer the security of Chip and PIN payment and cash withdrawal, meaning you no longer need to take large amounts of currency with you when you travel.
At the time of writing we checked a few providers and found exchanging £1 the rate quoted was
CaxtonFX – Euro 1.1657 and US$ 1.5722 (Real time rates)
My Travel Cash – Euro 1.1173 and US$ 1.5070 (Real time rates)
FairFX – Euro 1.1435 and US$ 1.5400 (not real time, as at 30 November)”

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